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EccoBoard™may be scored and snapped, cut, trimmed, drilled or shaped using ordinary power and hand tools.
EccoBoard™may be fastened to supporting joists using self-drilling , self-countersinking, corrosion protected cement board screws .
Fasteners should be placed at 305mm interval along edges.
Spacing may be increased to 450mm at intermediate joists.
The screw needs to sink into the face of the board up to 0.5mm.

The smooth side of EccoBoard™is suitable for painting or wallpapering with no further preparation. The rough side is suitable for application of ceramic tiles.
Either solvent based oil paint or water based latex paint can be used .If the panels are to be directly exposed to rain and weather, apply a prime coat of acrylic-siloxane waterproofing sealer, followed by oil based paint.

Where EccoBoard™is to be used as a mounting surface for ceramic tiles, such as in a bath or shower enclosure, solvent based tile mastic is recommended.

EccoBoard™recommended assemblies consist of exterior wall, interior wall, shaft wall, steel column, staircase, ceiling/Floor and roofing. Recommended installation methods for each application can be requested. Filling and finishing systems (partition walls / ceiling) one can either glue or use plaster to finish off the joints


Avoid handling EccoBoard™® panels when being wet .Allow to dry before applying joint finishing materials. Use appropriate setting compounds during cold weather or when slow drying.
EccoBoard™® does not contain any known cancer causing material. It’s free of dust but it is recommended during cutting and sanding operations to use a mask.
Use of gloves is suggested to reduce the possibility of abrasion injuries.
Do not install screws on 45 degree angles at corners.
Board ends must be supported by joists.
Fasteners must always be installed over supporting structure.
Do not install surface coverings by driving screw fasteners, except over supporting structure.

Fasteners should not be closer than 15mm-20mm from any edge.