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The Best Construction GREEN Board of the Century!

EccoBoard™ allows for a huge variety of application in the construction building industry.

EccoBoard™ is manufactured with a patent pending process and formula; our proprietary boards are made in several affiliate locations in Asia and Europe using mineral based products. The manufacturing process uses less than 50% of the energy consumed to make a comparable Portland cement based wall board. EccoBoard™ contains a minimum of 5% transferred post-industrial recycled material, and 100% of our manufacturing post-industrial waste is recycled into future production runs. Considered a Eco-friendly and green building material.

EccoBoard™ building material construction plasterboard which has a no paper.

Our EccoBoard™ can be used for indoor and outdoor, fireproof, resists salt, humidity, noise and impacts. A superior building board over traditional gypsum drywall or fiber cements board and other building materials used in sheathing or cladding.

EccoBoard™ can be used for a number of applications including wall and ceiling linings, fascias, soffits, tile backing and underlayment.  It is made primarily of magnesium oxide, and other proprietary composition and due to our unique chemical composition of  these materials  allows our board to exceed type boards like gypsum board or cement fibre board’s – however with several improved characteristics such as fire resistance, weather ability, strength, resistance to mould and mildew, flexibility, adherence advantages and so on.

EccoBoard™ can be used indoors and outdoors, and in damp locations, such as showers.  When used outdoors in an exposed location, it needs sealing in such a way as cement board.  EccoBoard is used structurally as in bracing for walls-and also semi-structurally, such as an underlayment for flooring.

EccoBoard™ is available for building construction and comes in various thicknesses and sheet sizes. It also comes in various grades, such as smooth finishes, rough textures, and utility grades. It is white or light gray in color, and has a hard sound when rapped with your knuckles-somewhat like a cement board.

EccoBoard™ is a versatile material used in residential and commercial building construction. It is suitable for a wide range of general building board usages and for applications requiring a fire rating as well as mould and mildew control as well as sound control applications.

EccoBoard™ is used in the place of the traditional gypsum drywall as wall and ceiling cover material or sheathing. It is also being used in a number of other construction applications such as: fascias, soffits, shaft-liner & area separation wall sheathing, and as tile backing (backer board) or substrates for coatings and insulated systems such as Direct-Applied Finish Systems, EIFS,and stucco.

Main uses and Benefits


EccoBoard™ is non combustible and can achieve fire ratings as high as 4 hours given the correct installation it can be used for sound studios, schools, public areas, movie theatre’s, train partitioning, bus partitioning, boat partitioning, shopping centers and any area where the fireproof function is necessary. The material is classed A Class as tested by many international testing authorities. It has been tested to the American and European standards of fire.


EccoBoard™  9mm board will provide the same and better reduction in sound as a standard 123mm wall made of four layers of 12mm gypsum board, which is equal to the soundproof effect of a 150mm common solid brick wall.


EccoBoard™ 9mm thick board weights 9.63kg/m2. When using a steel frame and EccoBoard™ as cladding the weight is about 1/10 of that of a common cement brick or clay brick wall, while the anti-impact intensity is 2-3 times that of a normal plaster wall. It can be easily installed and construction time is much shorter.

MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) SUBSTITUTION

EccoBoard™ is used commonly instead of MDF because the EccoBoard™ surface condition is clean and smooth.

OSB (Oriented strand board) SUBSTITUTION

EccoBoard™ is a substitute for OSB plywood to help strengthen in the residential industry or the steel frame housing industry.


EccoBoard™ is commonly used as flooring.

Use EccoBoard™ and see the difference!