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The Best Construction GREEN Board of the Century!

Replace ALL Drywall, OSB, Plywood and cement boards products with EccoBoard™ the Best NEW alternative for sheathing, underlayment, backer board, partitions walls and traditional interior & exterior cladding. EccoBoard™ is lighter than cement board, smoother than drywall, more flexible than cement board, more rigid than drywall, much more inert than cement board, drywall or wood based board materials. Use EccoBoard™ and see the difference!

Weather Resistant

Weather Resistant EccoBoard Can be used indoor or outdoor in areas with damp conditions

Fire Resistant

EccoBoard have a fire resistance of up to 180 minutes.

Impact resistant

EccoBoard™ is 2-3 times stronger than plaster board


Board EccoBoard™ is Free of Fungus & Mold